RAAL Caller

Brief description of application RAAL Caller for Android

The application RAAL Caller works with the program RAALTRANS Editor for windows version 8.520 and higher. It makes it possible to dial a telephone number on your mobile telephone by one click in RAALTRANS Editor using your Wi-Fi network.

RAAL Caller offers

  • Entry of telephone numbers directly from the program RAALTRANS Editor
  • Automatic connection with program RAALTRANS Editor when Wi-Fi is detected.
  • Constant information about the status of your connection with the program RAALTRANS Editor


System requirements

  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and higher
  • Telephone allowing Wi-Fi (WLAN) connection
  • For full use of the application RAALTRANS Caller it is necessary to have the Windows program RAALTRANS Editor installed