You can try out the RAAL Android program free of charge in the Demo mode. You can download the program to your telephone or tablet from the address


Principle of RAALTRANS databank

The databank offers two basic functions. The first function is the input of the actual offer of carriage (load) or of a free vehicle. The second function is searching in the offers of other users: After entering your offer, you have two possibilities. You can either wait for other RAALTRANS system users to react to the entered offer, or you can display offers from other users and find a counter-offer to your one. These two basic functions are complemented by many other possibilities for effective searching and making offers.


Brief description of program

The program RAAL Android is an application for devices with the Android 4.1 system and higher (telephones, tablets) that serves as an independent program or add-on for the program RAALTRANS Editor for Windows.

The program is divided into several parts:

  • In Acquisition you can enter, amend and delete own offers of loads and free vehicles.
  • Viewing allows you to view the offers of other users with display of contacts to firm making offer. You can search in offers using filters (state, postcode, city, weight...) or using transit kilometres.
  • List of users - after the inputting of the selected parameter, the program displays the firms in the RAALTRANS system with contact information (address, telephone, fax, email...).
  • Messages from the company RAALTRANS.


Acquisition and ALTERATIONS of own offers

Acquisition allows you to input your own carriage and free vehicle offers in the system.

The non-optional items include place of loading and unloading, data about type and size of load or cargo space of vehicle and date of implementation. Other items are optional (number of pallets, ADR, means of loading,...)

The Program RAAL Android is connected to the program RAALTRANS Editor for windows, and they share the own offers between themselves.


Viewing of carriage and free vehicles

This part of the program makes it possible to view offered carriage and free vehicles in the RAALTRANS system and also to display data about the firm that made the offer.

Display of offers of other users works in the QUESTION - ANSWER mode.

It is possible to ask a question according to filters (place of loading, unloading, size of load, required vehicle...) or via transit kilometres (70km from selected city).

Example: I am looking for carriage (load) from Hradec Králové with unloading in Prague and surrounding area up to 70 km. The results are the offers below:

After selecting a certain carriage, the detail of the offer and contact data of the party making the offer is displayed. You can also click to show the offer in the application GOOGLE MAPS.