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The authorisation telephone number serves for management of all purchased Android licences.It ensures the security of your installation.The number of the authorisation telephone must be owned by the firm.This fact must be proven with a corresponding document (contract with operator, bill for service etc.).Authorisation and verification text messages will be sent to the specified number.This number must be entered also in the Transport Information Provision Contract.

Only in the case of purchase of the network Windows version of the program is it possible to utilise several accesses to the Android version of the program.

Note: Trial operation is a period of the first 30 days of contract duration. The recipient will not be billed for the period of so-called trial operation. The firm has a right to the utilisation of a maximum of one period of monthly trial operation.

Extension including Android license

In order to expand your licence to include the Android version, it is also necessary to upgrade your Windows version because you do not yet have program version 9. The calculated price thus also includes the fee for the upgrade of your Windows version.